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Love was not always expressed physically in our home. When it was, it usually came in the form of stiff one-armed side hugs. Doting eyes and warm smiles from my parents filled my heart. There was no room left for affectionate embraces. As a result, when someone approached me with their arms wide open, IContinue reading “embrace”

strangers and spaces

Artists on the move While touring a modern architectural marvel, my eyes curiously followed the visitors and their interactions with the space. Frames like the one below, made me wonder if those who moved along the structure, were aware of their dialogues with geometry.  As they seamlessly flowed through the interlocking lines and polygons laidContinue reading “strangers and spaces”

Summer Poetry

I took a break from the scorching heat and sat to ask summer what else it had to say. Poetry. I can write poems for you, summer promised. Sun-kissed verses And couplets on the dancing light, Rhyming with the golden hour. But will you be listening?  Hide behind tinted glasses, yet I’ll sing  I’ll humContinue reading “Summer Poetry”

Box of Crayons

Found a box of crayons this morning. With a bit of warmth and love from the afternoon sun, the crayons drew a rainbow.    

Kissed by the sun

The camera can’t look away when my muses are kissed by the sun. Drawing their portraits with love, depth, texture and cheer, the romantic play of light are my favourite moments to capture. Here are some portraits and self-portraits from last year, that are dear to me…  

Love letters to the past

  Dubai’s Old Town   Beyond the extravagant metaphors which the city is always reduced to, there is a home I have no language to describe.     For customised prints and postcards, leave a message here.  


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